Compulsive use of Alcohol, drugs, Gambling, Sex, Food, etc.


Your use of mind-altering substances and other behaviors may, for one reason or another, be unsettling to you or someone else in your life. Your relationship to these substances or behaviors can be difficult to understand, and can change over time. 

Questions you may be asking.....How can I know if what I'm doing is right for me? What is the difference between harm reduction and abstinence?  If I am an addict, how am I going to recover? Can I use/behave in a way that causes less damage to my life?  Do I need or want to stop?  How will this change my relationships to friends and family?  How do I discuss my problem with them?  What kind of help can I ask for?  

These are very personal questions, with very personal answers. I can help you explore these questions and give unbiased feedback as you consider the best course forward on your journey.


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