Addiction and the Family

Are you or your family faced with a challenging circumstance as a result of substance abuse and/or other forms of addiction? I provide counseling services to  the individual, couple or family to address these complex situations.  I work with addicts and those affected by addicts.  Depending on multiple variables, I work with the addict individually or the loved one(s) individually or we work together as a group.  I have helped many individuals, their families and their partners recover and rebuild their lives.  For some, recovery is total abstinence.  Others want to learn effective techniques for decreasing the damage that substance misuse is causing in their lives.  


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Addiction affects the entire family and navigating through the processes of recovery, relapse, and long term sobriety are complex.  The different roles that each member of the family plays can become very confusing and overwhelming when someone uses drugs, drinks alcohol and/or behaves in other compulsive ways.  

How do you (the mother, father, sister, brother, son, or daughter of a substance abuser) relate to the substance abuser without feeling manipulated?  What do you do if the addict/alcoholic relapses?  How can you continue to live your life while somebody you love is destroying theirs?  How can you begin to heal from the toll of your loved one's addiction?  How will you determine what role you have played in this situation?  Are you helping or hurting the addict?  Are you helping or hurting yourself?  

It takes great effort from each member of the family to come to terms with the traumas associated with substance abuse and other forms of dependence and begin to recover. With supportive counseling, I can help you work through what can be a complicated and confusing process of making decisions, steering through fraught relationships, and creating a healthy path forward.