“Stranded” is a psychotherapeutic process group for individuals coping with loss of self during childhood.  This loss causes stress, depression, anxiety, and interferes with your ability to have intimacy with others.  Today, you feel isolated. 

 You may have many friends yet feel lonely because those around you are interacting with the false self you created to survive. Your true self is buried under layers of defenses designed to protect you at a dangerous time in the past. You feel cut off from real life- as if you were stranded on an island.

 In this group, you will be challenged to rediscover your true self and begin to share that person with others in a safe and nurturing space.  This group will help you learn to live authentically by becoming vulnerable and bearing witness to others’ vulnerabilities.  You will learn how to more realistically appraise what has occurred in your life and how to move forward.

 If you are engaged in individual psychotherapy, I encourage you to add group psychotherapy.  People are almost always surprised by the emotional gains made in a process group. Group and individual therapy in tandem can accelerate your recovery and ongoing therapeutic process significantly.

 The group is limited to 7 members, meets on Thursday evenings from 5-630 and requires a ten week commitment. Please contact me for more information about joining this group.