Today, it has become quite common to see a therapist.  Whether you are ending a relationship, changing employment or have simply been feeling down, talking with an unbiased professional can help you systematically address the temporary obstacles in your life.  

Many individuals have had chronic anxiety or depression which will often require a longer period of therapy.  While some of my clients have been able to trace their difficulties to a single event or series of events, the great majority of my clients suffer from I would call the cumulative trauma associated with maturing in and living as adults at this particular time in this particular place.  All the experiences throughout one's life can contribute to the creation of a complex set of defense mechanisms.  These mechanisms often result in addiction, codependency, emotional immaturity, anxiety, and/or depression.  

I have worked with individuals suffering from a variety of issues, couples seeking to better understand their relationship and families whose members are learning how to coexist more peacefully.  

My goal is to help you gain a clearer picture of the reality of your life and begin to come to terms with the past, accept the present and plan for the future as a mature adult.  My hope is that maladaptive defense mechanisms will be replaced with health coping strategies.