My therapeutic style is warm and nonjudgemental.  I bring together what I have found to be the most useful combination of different modalities and perspectives to help each client in a personal and unique way.  

The work we do together will be aimed at effecting lasting change.  The first step is to bring your suffering into awareness.  Then we can begin to work with it. Through the sharing of pain, pain is lessened and becomes manageable.  Together we will work to ascertain the meaning of your suffering. 

My active style is collaborative and client centered.  I attempt to facilitate your innate ability to heal yourself and become whole.  I will help you become unstuck in old patterns.  

While our negative experiences in this world have led some of us to live in a fearful way, it is my belief that we each have within us the ability to heal and recover our authentic selves.  Most clients find that they replay past painful events over and over again and are stuck feeling confused.

The good news is that we can feel better.  We can experience past and present wounds fully and free up emotional space to better cope with present and future situations.  While I do not believe that we ever completely heal from painful or traumatic life events, we can accept them, heal from them and carry them in a more manageable fashion.  The fatigue and hopelessness that some of us feel often stems from the different unhealthy ways in which we carry our pain.

Are you always drawn to a particular kind of partner or particular kind of work environment?  There are likely reasons for this.  It is my belief that you are likely trying to work out issues from the past in your present relationships.  Until the issues from the past are processed you may find yourself inexplicably drawn toward repeating the same old self destructive choices. 

I also regularly see that physical complaints are more easily understood from an emotional perspective than a physical perspective.  Migraines, back pain, stomach trouble, irritable bowels syndrome are all symptoms that I’ve seen as the manifestation of emotional conflict. 

If we hope to find meaning and purpose in our lives it is critical that we first bring into awareness, unpackage, and work with our emotional selves.  Then we have a better chance of freeing up the energy and space necessary to live a more actualized life. My psychotherapeutic orientation is pragmatic and humanistic.  I use the writings of Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Irvin Yalom, William James and Alice Miller as inspiration in my effort to help you integrate the various parts of yourself into an authentic whole.  

My goal is to clear away the cumulative trauma of the past in an effort to free up the necessary energy to live more fully, freely and happily.  It is important to learn how to see difficult times as moments when we can learn about ourselves.  Sometimes life seems to offer the most challenging events at what appears to be the worst possible time.  It is important to see these events as challenges which you are capable of managing rather than excuses to abandon yourself.